Join us as we will greatly step up our fundraising efforts to ensure we reach our goals:

Celebrate much success of new medications, GP education programs, School Education programs, fundraising programs by individuals and corporates.


A breakfast Held in NSW Parliament House on Tuesday 18th October 2016 in partnership with Nutrition Australia NSW to celebrate Nutrition Week along with  SHARE SMR Inc to raise awareness and profile of nutiriton and Lupus. The event was attended by many Parliamentarians and the Guest speaker was The Hon Minister Jillian Skinner who was called away at the last minute. Amongst the guest 14 guests were Mr Mark Coure MP Member for Oatley, Deputy Government Whip and our Parliamentary host, Barbara Ward Managing Director San Foundation and President of Lupus Association New South Wales, Board Members, Dr Joanna McMillan, Nutrition Expert on Channel Nine’s Today Show, Chris Downy, The Star Sydney, Yogesh Raju, Director LEHR Consultants International (Aust) Pty Ltd ,Adrian Prakash SHARE SMR Inc, The Hon. Scott Farlow MLC, Alister Henskens SC MP, Member For Ku Ring Gai, Ray Williams MP, Member for Castle Hill, Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier for Western Sydney, Gareth Ward MP, Member for Kiama, Gurdeep Singh Deputy Mayor, Hornsby Shire Council, David Ossip Deputy Mayor Ku Ring Gai Council, Gus Balloot Councillor, Liverpool City Council, Phil Currie CEO, Adventist HealthCare ,Dick Warburton AO LVO, Raja Venkateswa President, Australia Indian Business Council, Paul McKenzie CEO/Principal, ABS Conveyance White Ribbon Ambassador, Hudson Chen KHS OAM,Catherine Saxelby, Foodwatch were amongst the distinguished guests.

The event was proudly supported by The Premier of NSW The Hon Mike Baird MP, The Hon. Troy Grant MP, Deputy Premier, Minister for Justice and Police, Minister for the Arts, Minister for Racing,

The Hon John Ajaka MLC, Minister for Ageing Minister for Disability Services Minister for Multiculturalism, Thomas George MP, Member for Lismore Deputy Speaker, Matt Kean MP, Member for Hornsby, Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer, Craig Kelly, Federal Member for Hughes and Luke Foley MP, Leader of the Opposition, Shadow Minister for Western Sydney & Member for Auburn.

The President Barbara Ward spoke passionately about Lupus, its challenges and effects it has on people living with lupus.

Wrist bands and butterfly lapels were worn proudly by all as the two events were celebrated raising awareness of Nutrition Tryfor 5 vegetables and Lupus Month.


Crowds in Martin Place on Wednesday 19th October were able to join a much larger public celebration of Lupus Month and Nutrition Week, again offering them the opportunity to invest in the consumption five vegetables daily to produce the divided of healthier lives and increased longevity. People were treated to Chobani yogurts, bags with nutritious give way, Lupus wrist bands, pens and literature to raise awareness.

Radio interviews were held on Friday 21st on 99.3FM and media release sent to main stream news.

Many other events were successfully held in street corners, homes, fundraising activities and we have made inroads into many people who are supporting Lupus Association of NSW with positive partnership.

Thank You Everyone – Please continue to focus on the good and together we can MAKE A DIFFERENCE


LUPUS: An Invisible Monster

As part of our campaign for Lupus Awareness Month this October we are sharing a video compliments of Lupus UK  who created and launched a brand new animated video called, ‘Lupus: The Invisible Monster’. The aim of the video is to demonstrate some of the effects of living with the disease as well as highlighting its often ‘invisible’ nature. The video is available to watch on

The video has been very widely shared on social media and accumulated almost 6,000 views in its first 48 hours. The feedback received so far has been overwhelmingly positive, a few highlights include;

  • “Best video I’ve seen to explain how I feel on a daily basis”
  • “This video sums lupus up perfectly. It starts just at the perfect part saying all lupus sufferers experience it differently…it’s so different in all of us; it’s like our finger print. No two people have the same. Very well done to the team for doing such an informative short video. Thanks.”
  • “This is so accurate. Perfectly describes what lupus does to you physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally”

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Events in Martin Place on Wednesday 19th October 2016 from 11.30am

Mission: Our mission is to work towards a world without lupus and associated connective tissue diseases through support, education, research, into a cure and improve the quality of life.

Lupus Association of NSW is devoted to solving the mystery of lupus, one of the world’s cruellest, most unpredictable and devastating diseases, while giving caring support to those who suffer from its brutal impact. We envision a life free of lupus.

Lupus is the most underdiagnosed underfunded diseases in modern times and Lupus Association of NSW is working towards changing this to give people a quality of life free from lupus.