Upcoming Lupus Events
Written by Lupus Association of NSW Inc.
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The Lupus Association of NSW Inc. hosts a number of events each year in an effort to raise awareness of lupus in Australia.  Much of this effort is concentrated around May and October each year.

The 10th of May is internationally recognised as World Lupus Day.  Lupus patient organisations throughout the world host events and volunteers band together to spread the word on lupus around their local communities.

In the past, October has been nationally recognised as Lupus Awareness Month. However, there has been a shift in Australia recently to focus on lupus awareness events in the month of May, surrounding World Lupus Day. This change is happening for a number of reasons which include bringing Australian awareness efforts into line with international organisations to create stronger campaigns and also to try to differentiate the lupus cause from the many other worthy charities that focus their celebrations in and around the month of October.  It may be a little confusing at the moment but our hope that is in the long term we will be one small part of the worldwide voice for lupus and May will be known as Lupus Awareness Month.

The Lupus Association of NSW Inc. has compiled a calendar of events below, some of which directly relate to lupus, and others which are health or autoimmune related information and education events for patients.  Most of these events have further information that can be accessed online and for those such events, you can click on the link below to be redirected to the organiser's site.  If you believe there is an important event happening around Australia that should be included in this list, then please let us know so that we can let all patients know where to go for current information.

To read about recent and past events aimed at raising awareness of lupus and raising funds to support those living with lupus, check out our Recent Events.